Monday, September 12, 2011

First week in LA with TriCoast and StitchHeaven

My first week of work at TriCoast Studios is coming to a close and it feels pretty great. 

To say the last month has been crazy would be an understatement. I don't even know if I can accurately describe the whirlwindy, crazy, state that life has gone into lately. I have been moving a million miles a minute... finished up my internship with Helen as best as I could, but not before I got an amazing job offer! One day I was thinking, I guess I can continue this internship as a job, but it's rather tricky to be over 2,000 miles away from my boss, and I don't like working from home nearly as much as I thought I would. The upside of that was I totally over my living situation, and with an online job the possibilities are wide open. 

We began bravely and carefully "city shopping," considering San Francisco, Monterey, Portland, and LA with some reluctance. Then one afternoon I got a call from Marcy Hamilton, my friend from my flight to Columbus for the TNNA tradeshow, which made the decision for me. She had heard about my internship, had told me she was interested in hiring someone like me and I never thought she was so serious. But three weeks later here I am, with an amazing job, and a new apartment in LA. 

The studio here at TriCoast is a pretty easy place to get acclimated to. Marcy and Strath and all the staff are amazingly friendly and have welcomed me well during my first week. It was a challenge to get here, but I already know it was beyond worth it. 

We're working on getting ready for Vogue Knitting Live, and most importantly anticipating the release of Knitting Video Stitch-Alongs Vol 1; StitchHeaven Salutes Barbara G. Walker, the first ever video enhanced ebook. Having the first eVbook on the market is hopefully going to make TriCoastONline and StitchHeaven household names in the knitting industry, which if you know anything about me, you know that floats my boat over the moon...

The StitchHeaven Salutes Barbara G. Walker DVD is an amazing resource for knitters, and it's very exciting to be working with an idol such as BGW. On top of that we're going to have the first ever eVbook! It's going to make DVDs old news; now you can carry the stitches and patterns around with you and reference them on your iPad or phone whenever you want. The format is just awesome. 

Enough gushing... what I really want to share are some photos from my journey and introduction to the city of Los Angeles: 

As you can tell from Bea's expression, it was a bit exhausting, but such a blast! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

It's coming, it's coming soon! The FIRST EVER eVbook, presented by StitchHeaven!

The excitement is bubbling over here at TriCoast Studios....
We are days away from releasing a groundbreaking new type of publication; an eVbook! It is the first video enhanced eBook EVER, and it should be up on iTunes very very soon! I am ecstatic to say it is an amazing resource for my favorite activity: knitting!

You may have already seen the awesome new DVD: StitchHeaven Salutes Barbara G Walker. Now, we are anxiously anticipating the release of the eVbook that includes 5 stitches from the DVD.

It's a video enhanced eBook, with 5 stitches and 5 new project patterns included. The stitches demonstrated are from the DVD, but the eVBook offers the ability to view the videos on your iPad or smart phone, and gives you the video and the text instructions on the same page. The videos are integrated into the book, with a clickable index/table of contents, making the viewing experience SO convenient and fun!

The eVBook includes 5 new patterns designed by Betty Balcomb, one for each stitch demonstrated. It will be for sale on iTunes soon for $9.99, and we are hoping it will become a go-to resource for knitters of various skill levels. Keep your eyes on iTunes for the release of this groundbreaking new publication!