Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Franklinfest: a weekend at Makers'

During the first week of September, Makers' hosted two classes and a lecture/book signing from the funny fiberisto himself. It was an event to remember and hopefully will become a yearly occurrence, as he visits the Seattle area for the annual Men's Knitting Retreat.

I got to take his class, Bavarian Twisted Stitch, and I learned a lot. Along with earning a few snarky remarks and a compliment or two. It was an experience I've looked forward to, and feel honored to have had to say the least. I always feel extremely lucky when I have the privilege to be in the presence of an individual who has dedicated their career to some type of craft, let alone one who has been an integral part of the popularization of their field of interest.

Knitters unite around the lovely and charming Mr. Habit; on Social Media, in LYSes, and at fiber festivals. In December he is going on a cruise during which he'll teach classes and entertain the lucky sea worthy folks with his recent and widely discussed adaptation of a pair of vintage bathing drawers. 

So needless to say, having Franklin pay us a visit attracted the attention of a few yarn fanatics who had yet to hear of our relatively new shop. It also helped to demonstrate how well suited our venue is to this type of event. 

An old fashioned way of describing Franklin's tenacity

We hosted quite a few knitters in our lounge for his classes, and turned our usual classroom space into a lounge for the weekend. Unfortunately some yarn stores barely have a classroom. We are lucky enough to have a large one, as well as a huge lounge. 

I can't wait for the next guest teacher coming to Makers': Emily Wessel of Tin Can Knits. It's always amazingly fun when we are super busy in the shop, and I can't wait to pick the brain of a designer who is part of a team with such an impressive portfolio.